The inaugural ceremony of the Chinese Committee of China-CEEC Business Council was held on July 8 in Beijing. The CCPIT and COOIC chairman Jiang Zengwei attended the ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. Zhou Xiaoyan, director of Department of European Affairs of the MOFCOM, Wang Wengang, counselor of Department of European Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Huang Ping, director of European Studies Center of China Academy of Social Sciences, also addressed the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Yin Zonghua, vice chairman of the CCPIT and CCOIC.

The meeting approved the preparation work report and work procedure of the China Committee of China-CEEC Business Council, and elected the chairman, deputy chairmen of secretary-general of the committee. Wang Hongzhang, chairman of the CCB, was elected chairman of the committee. The deputy chairman includes Gao Song, VP of China Guodian Corporation, Yu Gang, VP of China Energy Engineering Corporation, Ma Li, VP of China Railway Group Limited, Zang Jianjun, executive director of China CEFC Energy Company Limited,and Xie Junshi, VP of ZTE Corporation. Wu Meng, vice director general of Cooperation and Development Department of the CCOIC, was elected to be the secretary general of the committee.

Wang Hongzhang said after his election that the committee will connect with its counterpart in CEEC countries, encourage more companies to attend the bilateral industry and business cooperation mechanism of the committee, promote the development of China-CEEC Business Council in local areas and specific industries, establish and improve internal working mechanism, improve working plan, and identify key work priorities, including promotion of trade and economic communication, organization of reciprocal visits, and promotion of industry communication.

More than 100 Chinese counselors attended the ceremony. After foundation, the committee will play a key role in promoting business cooperation, involving into policy making and business negotiation, carrying out research and issuing reports, organizing industry communication and promoting public relations, establishing information sharing channels and providing professional legal services.

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